Tickets will be $25 (plus $2 service fee) for students and $50 (plus $3 facility fee) for guests.

Floor Tickets SOLD OUT

2017 Shocktoberfest ticketing

We will provide information early next week for those who want to transfer a ticket to another student, or for those students who may have accidentally purchased a guest ticket instead of a student ticket.

The first 5000 undergraduate students are eligible to purchase one (1) ticket to the event and the opportunity to purchase one (1) guest ticket from a limited supply.


Undergraduate students: $25 (plus $2 service fee)
Guests: $50 (plus $3 facility fee)

Undergraduate student tickets

Visit our Facebook Event page or check your UCI email at Noon for the link to purchase tickets.

– On the ticketing website, click on register new account and enter student id or login with your email and password if you already have an account.

– Once your account has been verified, click on “Shocktoberfest” and proceed through the purchase prompts, making sure you checkout as your final step. Your shopping cart has a limit of 10 minutes, so make your purchase quickly.

– Select magstripe delivery as your delivery method, which means the ticket is sent to your UCI student id (you will not receive a tangible ticket).

– If you are also buying a guest ticket, click on guest ticket option at the bottom of the cart page to add a guest ticket.

– On your cart page, both your undergraduate ticket and the guest ticket should be shown.

– For the guest ticket, select print at home as the delivery method. You will have to print out and bring your guest ticket for admittance in addition to your student id for your entry.

– After completing the online purchasing process, you will receive an email confirmation.

– The day of the event, bring your student id to enter and your print at home ticket for your guest.

– If you are unable to register, you are not a current undergraduate student in the registrar’s database for the 2017 fall quarter and are unable to reserve tickets
– If you do not have a UCI student id, you will not be able to attend the event
– Id’s will be check that the student named is the student using the ticket.
– Your email confirmation cannot be used as a ticket if you do not have your student id
– The barcode of print at home tickets allows one entry per scan.
– Unauthorized duplication or sale of print at home tickets may prevent your admittance to the event.

Ticket Transfer Information

For the Transfer:
1. Access your ticket office account at
2. Select “Transfer” on the My Account page.
3. Select the event to transfer.
4. Complete the transfer details (Tickets can only be transferred to current UCI Students)
5. You will receive an email confirmation that your transfer has been initiated.

For the Recipient:
1. An email with a link to accept the ticket transfer will be sent to you.
2. When you click on the link follow the prompts and login with your UCI Ticket Office account. (Tickets can only be accepted by current UCI Students)
3. Add the ticket to your cart and select magstripe delivery, as the transferred ticket will be loaded to your ID card.
4. Pay the $3 transfer fee and checkout.
5. An email confirmation will be sent that the transfer is complete.

• Only UCI Student tickets are eligible for transfer.
• Transfers must be completed by both parties 3 hours prior to the event (5PM on FRIDAY, OCT. 27, 2017). Incomplete transfers are automatically cancelled at this time.
• For assistance contact the Bren Box Office at 949-824-5000 (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm).