Frequently Asked Questions

What items are prohibited at Shocktoberfest?

Other items not listed may be prohibited at the discretion of Bren Events Center Management upon entrance. We CANNOT hold items for you if you bring something that is not allowed inside the Bren. Please make arrangements to leave any banned items at home.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Click on the tickets menu item.

What happens if I lose my Student I.D. Card?

If you lose your ID card, The Hill is open until 7:00 p. m. nightly for you to purchase a replacement card.

Can I still attend if they run out of tickets?

No. Once tickets are sold out, no more will be released.

Can I bring a guest?

A limited number of guest tickets will be available for undergraduate students to purchase through the ticket website.

If I leave The Bren Events Center during the event, can I come back in?

No. There will be NO RE-ENTRY.

Is there a lost and found?

Found items will initially be taken to Bren Events Center guest services. Any unclaimed items will be issued to UCI Police or given to charity. The UCI Police Department is located on Pereira and East Peltason.

Where should I park for this event?

The closest parking structure to the Bren Events Center is the Mesa Parking Structure. Parking is $10.00 for the day. We encourage you to carpool or take the free Anteater Express if you live on campus which will have extended shuttle times for east campus residents. Visit UCI Transportation and Distribution Services website for additional details.

Where are the closest ATM machines?

ATM machines are located at the Bren Events Center next to the Ticket Office.

Will there be lockers available for the students to store their stuff?

No, there will be no lockers at the event. Please plan accordingly and bring as little as possible in order to expedite the Bren entry process.

Will there be a First Aid station or kit around in case of an emergency or injury?

Yes, the Bren will have an EMT on site.

Will there be toilets at this event?

There are flushable toilets in the Bren Events Center bathrooms.

After I get inside the Bren with my ticket, am I allowed to leave and re-enter?

No, there will be NO RE-ENTRY privileges at this event.